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How many days until Veterans Day 2023? - Saturday, 11th November 2023 (Public holiday Friday, 10th November)


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When is Veterans Day Celebrated?

Firstly, this day was celebrated as ‘Armistice Day’ and this marked the end of World War I. When the day was famous as Armistice Day; it was recognized as the “11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month” in the year 1918. In the present time, it is still celebrated on the 11th of November yearly irrespective of the week or day. When Veterans Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, US government officials and businesses may consider it on both the official day including Monday.

Sometimes, Veterans Day gets confused with Armed Forces Day or Memorial Day by the people. This day is celebrated to pay tribute to all men and women who helped in the US armed forces. This day is known as a federal holiday as government offices, businesses and schools remain close on this day.

If Veterans Day falls on a Saturday

If Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, it will typically be observed on the preceding Friday (November 10th). This is done to ensure that Federal employees are able to observe the holiday. So, for the general public and most private businesses, Veterans Day would be observed on the Friday before the actual holiday, and for the Federal Government, it would be an official paid holiday.

History of Veterans Day

Initially, Veterans Day or formally known as Armistice Day was first recognized on 11th November 1919 by president Woodrow Wilson. It was declared after a year when World War I ended. The reason to celebrate Armistice Day was to honor the heroic soldiers for their bravery during the Great War.

In 1926, seven years later, Congress espoused a tenacity entreating that President Calvin Coolidge issue annual declarations on November 11 by making Armistice Day a government permitted holiday.  

In 1945, Raymond Weeks, a World War II Veteran had the thought of expanding the Armistice Day and honoring all the Veterans rather than only the ones who died in World War I. He took the proposal to General Dwight Eisenhower who accepted it. After that, weeks organized the first-ever Veterans Day in 1945 in Alabama and continued to do so until he died in 1985. For this, he received Presidential Citizenship Medal from President Reagan. He was also named the ‘Father of Veterans Day ’given by Elizabeth Dole.

In 1954, the US representative Ed Rees from Emporia, Kansas proposed a bill to start the holiday to Congress. At that time, Eisenhower was the President and passed the bill into law on May 26th, 1954. It happed eight and a half years later after celebrating the first Veterans Day by Raymond Weeks.

After surviving both World War II and Korean War, the 83rd US Congress modified the 1938’s act by replacing the word ‘Armistice’ with ‘Veterans’ due to the longing of veterans’ service organizations. After the agreement of this legislation on 1st June 1954, November 11th officially became the day to honor US Veterans of all wars.

Firstly, Congressman Rees got the National Veterans Award created in 1954 to provide support in making Veterans Day a federal holiday. In 1971, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October from November 11 because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Then, it was again returned to its original date in 1978 because President Gerald R. Ford signed a law on September 20, 1975. 

After that, there was passed the United States Senate Resolution 143 on August 4, 2001, which was considered the week from November 11 to November 17th, 2001, “National Veterans Awareness Week”.  

Veterans Day Celebration

Veterans Day, this federal holiday is a great time for people to learn about the sacrifice of American soldiers while arranging relevant activities for the day. They all are intended to honor all the veterans by leading some events at home, at school, and in public.

At Home

In households, it is parents’ responsibility to involve their children in patriotic activities on Veterans Day. Parents can make a list of names and addresses of the Veterans who live nearby and can send them a thank you card made by their children.

At School:

Various elementary and high schools schedule different activities to make children aware of the ones who fought to protect the country. They try to make out the day educational by teaching about the brave soldiers and their stories, taking children to visit a veteran to know them closely, and others.

In Public

People can show up to the Parade and rallies held in the honor of veterans. Food, clothes, and other stuff can be donated to the organizations that help veterans. Else, people can go to the veterans to ask them if they want any kind of help.

Facts & Questions

Dedicated to providing clarity on honoring our nation's bravest.

Why Veterans Day is so important?

The re-establishment of Veterans Day observance on 11th November doesn’t only hold the historical importance of this date but also keeps the main purpose in focus. It is considered a day to celebrate and honor all the veterans for their bravery, patriotism, and inclination to serve and protect the country.

Why Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November?

The United States Congress approved a resolution by the president to document and honors the entire armistice on November 11th in 1926. Later in 1938, an act passed by Congress made Armistice Day a legal and federal holiday to pay tribute to World War I veterans.

What are the Ideas and Values to Adopt from Veterans Day?

The celebration of Veterans Day provides people a chance to remember the bravery and sacrifice of army people. It helps to keep themselves inspire and ready to contribute to the nation. It is a great way to connect with Veterans and say thanks to them. Children get to learn a lot about the nation and veteran people during the day.

What is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?

Though, both days are observances to honor those who helped in the military. Memorial Day is in the remembrance of those martyrs who were killed during their service period but the Veterans Day pays respect to all those soldiers who have served in the army.

Who We Must Thank on Veterans Day?

People who die during service should be remembered and the ones who survived or still serving in the military deserve all the respect and honor from the people. A little appreciation or gratitude can fill great energy within them and they will feel more proud about what they have done or what they are doing.  

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